Except BB guns – they are non-lethal and fun to play with.

Only criminals and cops and the military should have handguns and high-capacity semi-automatic and automatic rifles. Then it’s really easy to tell who is a criminal – the person with a gun who isn’t a policeman or soldier. Instant death sentence because they are endangering our security people and the public. Things would clean up real fast.

Gun makers can makes guns for the military and police, and perhaps some special government departments like the Treasury Service that provides security for the president. Gun manufacturers  should not be allowed to export weapons anywhere to anyone for any reason, and likewise no foreign guns should be allowed into the country.

Ronald Reagan gutted the state mental health system and cut it down to a shell of its former self

Have a gun, get filled with lead. Of course to police our police we need body cameras and autonomous camera drones that follow them. Every step they take while on duty is recorded. We don’t want a Philippines situation that has led the to the forming of death squads who assassinate anyone they perceive to be a threat. We want professionals who are there to protect the public, and who are not themselves a threat to the public. We have these people now – just not enough of them getting paid what they deserve. I’m very pro-police as long as they are county and city agencies, not state agencies.

The State of California has a small private army no one ever hears about. They’re poorly trained and the fact that the State Government controls them is scary. We need _local_ security agencies that know what the community needs and who is who in the community. And eliminating guns could get us that kind of world, where you can let your kids play outside without fear of abduction because all the perverts are known and we’ll make it easier to round them up and put them the old state hospitals that we have scattered all over the state. We used to do that and the nuts and truly twisted psychos were taken off the the streets. There was a time you could walk down Market Street in SF and see maybe one or two panhandlers that were just your average, non-violent bum.

The state even used to put people with alcohol addiction in the state hospitals to dry them out and get them off the street for a while.

Nowadays security is two people in body armor who look like Robocop with automatic weapons who make everyone with eyesight lay down and put their hands behind their head as they figure-out who is who, and that’s all a lot easier with dead people.

We need more local security – local police and sheriff departments need more actual people in uniforms, not more tanks and armored personnel carriers and automatic weapons and water cannon and whatnot. They’re cops not soldiers – they go home after their shift, not back to the base to peel potatoes. We should have those people in the green and tan military uniforms trained to work in a support role for local cops, not trained to repel imaginary invaders or to go to one of our offensive wars of conquest.

Trump says “America First”. If he really meant it he’d make the federal government help local police to recruit and train more officers, and expand local security facilities. Crime is statistically at a low, but the kinds of crimes are pretty awful. It’s like instead of going for quantity the psycho dirtballs are going for shock and horror. A lot of cannibals in the last twenty or-so years, and these people who abduct children and sexually abuse them or even use them as slave labor – they should be rounded up, put before judge who will sentence them to the State Mental Health Department, and once a year psychologists evaluate them to determine if the aren’t dangerous crazy anymore. A few bad ones slip through but overall this system kept maniacs and molesters and drunks off the streets.

As governor of California Ronald Reagan gutted the state mental health system and cut it down to a shell of its former self. Hundreds of employees lost their jobs, while hundreds more were relocated to work at the remaining hospitals (my parents went from Mendocino, which was a big hospital’ to Napa. which was an even bigger one. I worked as a ward attendant while I went to college, working the very dangerous night shift).

I can tell you from personal experience there are people in this world who are sick, twisted, damaged, addicted to the point of insanity, and then there are just the truly generally insane: schizophrenics, urolagniacs (a few), heomosexual rapists (lots), people who murdered their families – you see a lot of that on cable news these days, but it’s really kind of rare percentage of population-wise – but it’s horrendous on the scale of moral outrage. I’ve met two men who murdered their wives and one also killed his kids, and most of time they were pleasant seemingly normal people, but then they would have phases of mania and they became dangerous.

There are many ways to have a safe society that not only sees reductions in overall crime as we have for years now, but removes the sensational sickos from the community even before they commit a horrendous crime. A reasoned, long-term solution to public access to guns needs to be developed. I think the hunting people who use actual hunting weapons should be better trained and licensed but should be able to have limited magazine hunting guns. No AR15s or Uzis or handguns of any kind – maybe single shot black powder guns for enthusiasts. But the only use for a handgun is to kill people. Remove the guns and remove those witless psychos that would use them.

This guy who killed all those people in Las Vegas could have been removed from the community and evaluated, and if found to be a danger to himself or others, he should be committed to a state mental health facility. Which we used to do. More attention needs to be paid to regular local cops dressed like reasonable people, and perhaps not actually carrying a gun, but they should have them in their cars.

It might take 20 years to accomplish the utter reduction of guns in American society, but it would be worth it. Society would be transformed into a better place without the fear and paranoia that is fed by the media to keep you watching the violence.