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AND IT’S FREE UNLESS YOU PAY FEDERAL INCOME TAX! In that case you’ll be getting some of the spatters from the burst that left the stain. Those who don’t pay income tax are very likely to drown because they live at an insecure lower level. We’re all of us together getting stained by only ONE of Donald Trump’s “barely believable bursts” – there are so many more to come.

Author Stephan Collinson  needs therapy immediately, it’s an emergency case. His may be the first recorded “trumpgasm” after the double-header in Justice Stadium yesterday. It’s like two high-ranking nobles were beheaded in one day, in the town square where the media stand between us and events so we don’t get to see them too clearly, but know about them immediately. The media is like the guy who had to hold up the heads so people knew the hated 1% viscount Cohen here and duc du Manafort there were dead, and everyone would cheer and serve wine.

As long as I have a good connection and can watch shit burn on YouTube I’m pretty-much going nowhere.

Let’s look at what is happening here:

High-level presidential aides and bureaucrats, and business associates, are dropping like flies, some fired by Trump, some “resigned”, and some are being sentenced soon.

  • Most of these high rollers who are dropping like bad dice were unknown a few months ago, but their role in things became more apparent the more we saw them on television.
  • Trump’s children are apparently in hiding but you know they’re back there pulling the strings.
  • When it all comes down to it Trump tweets a decision and everyone in the White House and across the street in the administration building go nuts trying to figure-out what to say to each other and then to the media.
  • We, us, the them involved when talking about “the American People” who aren’t hiding illicitly gained money in secret offshore accounts – the ones who aren’t arranging payments to “actresses” to keep their mouths shut – us the folks who aren’t caught attempting to bribe Omarosa to sit tight and collect a check until 2020 when the “reset” hits in between the primaries and the federal elections – no Us, we are just like this family that lives down Pennsylvania Ave. a block or two and everyone comes around for coffee every morning and we tell these people we don’t know what it is we want, and then they rush back to the studio to tell all of us what it is we want, because, like, they asked.

And all the time there is Trump at the middle of the web thumbing his smartphone and building up to another messy outburst that’s going to get on everyone.

It’s “The Apprentice”! That’s how it works. Soon the backbiting and plotting goes on in the West Wing like amongst a group stranded on an island with with a madman like Dr. Moreau. They start to get whittled-down, sometimes for minor and petty reasons on Trump’s part. At the end there can only be One! and right now it’s looking like Kellyanne Conway is winning on loyalty points alone. She will literally say absolutely anything if it can deflect criticism from Trump.
But you know how it is – it’s tough to stand up to extremists and gangsters who try to take over the government. As long as I have a good connection and can watch shit burn on YouTube I’m pretty-much going nowhere. You know how it is. But I’m with whoever is for killing the fewest number of people possible while dragging Trump out of the White House spider hole he’s in. But I don’t have reliable transportation, so I can’t really go anywhere away from my good connection and 24-hour news drip.
But Vive la révolution!