Does time only function when there is movement? Three fundamental properties of existence are space, time, and motion. it takes time to move from one point to another in space.

I’m not talking about the hands on a clock – though even that is based on the motion of the Earth as it rotates through it’s own circumference – but Time the inexorable force that powers entropy and the dissolution of systems and structures.

we will find that infinity is a potential with a constantly increasing limit

So, in the ultimate entropic* state nothing moves nor interacts, and energy has no force to make things happen because it is dissipated or absorbed into dark matter or whatever.

There would be no motion and without that there can be no time – only space would exist. Time will “run-out” as total entropy is attained. Material objects like galaxies and stars and planets will be cold, dark, lifeless, and still masses that have no relation to each other. And nothing will happen at all.

Which all sounds wholly plausible so why is the universe accelerating as it expands?

That’s probably the question I will have upper-most in my mind when I die. It seems most likely that the universe is using energy to expand – that motion requires force. Yet I have a gut feeling that as the universe expands it creates energy, or somehow recycles it if there is a finite amount.

I think ultimately we will find that infinity is a potential with a constantly increasing limit, not a static limit, and somehow the universe transforms energy into space over time. But I’m lousy at math so I can’t really say.

Somewhere there’s a pump. It might be uncountable numbers of particles do the work, or a cluster of black holes at the center of it all (because in an expanding volume the only reference point is the center). But there is a definite material linkage between time, space, and motion. Matter (us) is just a local effect around gravity wells like stars. It’s the refuse created by constant expansion and constant “consumption” of energy.

*Don’t tell me it’s not a word, spell-check!