I noticed this year a dramatic decrease in the number of annoying yearly retrospectives, and most of this year’s crop was primarily political and mostly centered on, yes, you guessed it, the person whose name I won’t give until the end of this sentence in order to heighten drama and showmanship, Donald Trump.

I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. On the one hand I wasn’t bombarded with things I already know, but on the other hand there seems to be a general feeling that the most amazing thing about 2017 was we’re still here in 2018. And the main reason we know that is we witnessed the leader of the freebabble babble give everyone on the planet the holiday gift of ratcheting-up nuclear war tensions with North Korea, so we think about how grateful we are to be alive pretty-much all the time now. President Trump has put us more in touch with ourselves by making us fear death from above at any moment.

Any retrospective of what has happened so far since Obama left the White House would be grim at best and at worst lengthy because it would include so many instances of the President lying and exhaustive coverage of the carnage as his staff tried to make it to the shallow-end of the pool they’d been thrown in. And no one except Trump himself would want to sit through all that.

I’m sure a lot of great things happened in 2017, I just can’t recall what any of them were.