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I do not believe that George Takei is a rapist.

It’s just a little early to tip-over because of one decades-old accusation that does sound like at least attempted date rape. I’m not going to start tossing people out of the boat without solid evidence or a mass of accusations, easily verified by witnesses as apparently it is in the cases of Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey. If even half of the victims’ claims turn out to be smoke, they’re still toast.

But I’d want a little more than an I remember it well.. anecdote from one person before I take George Takei’s SAG card.

And there are multiple issues now: There’s assault no matter where it happens – if in court it can be proven to be criminal or not – that’s what courts are for; there’s harassment in the workplace involving abuse of authority; there’s harassment in the home, because domestic abuse can involve harassment – thus the famous Restraining Order which works great about 90% of the time for all kinds of disputes – nothing straightens things out faster than being in front of a judge.

The power of social media and good journalism played a key roll in bringing down Havey Weinstein.

Sexual terror (dare I go there? I just did) is such a vast pervasive problem I’d hate to see us “go McCarthy” and start ruining people on accusation alone. And these days it’s virtually a Roman mob doing the judging via Internot.

The power of social media and good journalism played a key roll in bringing down Havey Weinstein. That’s great, and there’s such a preponderance of accusation and evidence he deserves to be shunned, but also to have his day in court if there are criminal charges.

Then the shark-like mob turned on Kevin Spacey – and again the preponderance of anecdotal evidence says spurn him. And again he gets to try to prove his innocence of any charges brought in court.

I hope the person accusing George Takei takes advantage of his opportunities under our wonderfully ponderous and expensive legal system and takes George to court. Or George takes him to court. And there we can ascertain if George’s legacy as a performer and activist is to be junked.

Dozens of accusations, including some from witnesses instead of victims, indicate we might go ahead and figure they’re guilty. And if course in the workplace jettisoning a suddenly hot employee is traditional like apple pie.

But I think there are too many pitchforks and torches showing up in social and regular media. We need to be careful whom we burn at the stake.