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Trump stood-up in the UN and threatened to wipe N. Korea off the face of the Earth. No other US president has ever threatened to completely destroy another country, let alone one with a population of 25 million people.So there’s something to be proud of.
Trump wants $700 billion for military operations around the world, from the Mid-East to Asia. That’s is twice the cost of giving everyone in the US a free college education. That’s seven times the cost of funding NASA for the next ten years to simultaneously go to the Moon, Mars, and the Asteroid Belt, as well as send unmanned craft to every planet and moon in the solar system.
That’s money that would go to American workers in the aerospace and technology sectors while making a reasonable profit for those companies – but instead it will go to a much smaller group of weapons workers while making vast profits for the companies that employ them, and for almost negligible returns in security and unknown costs to clean-up after ourselves once we’re done killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, as we always do when we invade another country.
America is now a military empire that relies on constant warfare to drive our economy. Bush and Obama bear the majority of the responsibility for that. Trump will increase our reliance on war-for-profit, hastening the downfall of the U.S. as a global power – what always happens to empires that use war as a product.