I used to live in Oakland, CA where murder is a hobby, and I never felt the need for a gun. I grew up shooting and hunting, but it just never occurred to me to get a gun for killing humans. First of all the whole idea of “getting the drop” on an attacker is ludicrous and comes of watching too many movies, but also the whole idea that I was in any real danger seemed far-fetched.

you contribute much more to the problem than to the solution

Count the number of people, then divide by the number of gun murders. You have better chances of winning the lottery, on-top of the fact that your murderer is most likely someone you know – so worst-case scenario is you need to be prepared to shoot a friend or loved one who may be in an agitated state of mind or perhaps mentally ill. Which is probably what you are if you think you really need a gun for “protection”. Often this mental illness is characterized by the feeling that people of another race are a threat, perhaps for socioeconomic reasons if not because you outright believe they are somehow inferior to you and therefore more “savage”. Either way you contribute much more to the problem than to the solution, since you are one of those very people likely to pull a gun and start shooting, because you have one and believe you need it.