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trumprapistIn the last 72 hours of a campaign everyone goes nuts and just starts saying anything that comes to mind – Trump has been doing it all day, claiming Obama yelled at one of his supporters when he actually defended the guy, and ignoring the events at his own rallies where he has ejected people and his supporters have assaulted them.

Look at the point we have reached where our choices are guilt and guilt by association.

We end-up with someone who will be completely ineffective due to the amount of political drama surrounding them. There will be investigations of investigations, hearings that do nothing but provide partisan platforms for grandstanding. When was the last time we had a choice between two candidates who are already involved in legal proceedings and are the subject of investigations for crimes? It’s like a choice between two burglars to steal from you.

The Supreme Court is currently short a member because Congress is corrupt. And it’s filled with justices that have to recuse themselves on a regular basis. And the FBI seems to be engaged in partisan political maneuvering to influence the election.

It’s just all so tawdry and low. The government hasn’t been this messed-up since the Civil War.