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There’s no mystery in how and why everything in the U.S. has turned so utterly to crap. Our last President in the U.S. who was from “The Greatest Generation” was George W. Bush The First. That was the 1980s. Now all those people are extremely old or dead. The Baby Boomers have had control of things since. These are the people I went to high school and college with – I’m one of the Boomer generation – and I knew back then the class president and the student government and the go-getters who treated high school as preparation for law school and medical school, you know, the people who were destined to inherit power- I knew them and the “Save-The-Earth” hippies were in no way capable of doing the job their parents did.

Philip Wylie wrote “A Generation of Vipers” in the 1940s to indict the “Greatest Generation” as self-serving vain assholes who pretend to be benign servants of society, but are in reality it’s greedy exploiters. A new second edition of his book could be just slightly rewritten to describe the generation in charge today. Just remove the part about them pretending to be benign servants: the Boomers don’t even pretend anymore.

There was one voice of reason in the recent primary elections… He was a Jewish carpenter from Vermont, and the Democratic Party betrayed him for corporate silver.

Why are police apparently executing people in the streets in broad daylight? Because they can! There have always been racist and white supremacist elements in the police forces across the nation. Not all police match this profile but many do. There are Klu Klux Klan members in some police forces – this recently surfaced in California and lead to personnel in the state government. They’re killing people because they simply can get away with it. Their bosses are in on it, helping cover things up. And on up the ladder. The only reason they’re getting busted lately is everyone has a cell phone and can video record actual events. You know that’s important because the People In Charge have attempted to make it illegal.

People of color and from other cultures have known for generations what is going on. Whites are just now catching-on because they don’t personally experience racism on the part of racist cops – they’re white, for chrissakes – the cops are nice to them.

Mom and Dad are dying-out, and their selfish ill-prepared offspring are in control, and not only do they suck at it but they’re transparently corrupt as well.

What came after the Boomers? Generation X or something and they don’t seem particularly better at anything than their parents. And the up-coming Millennials live in a world reduced to a 3″x5″ screen – they’re going to die-out early as they all walk off cliffs and into open manholes, kind of like very slow lemmings.

There was one voice of reason in the recent primary elections. There was one mind who seemed to grasp who the voters are and why they matter. He was a Jewish carpenter from Vermont, and the Democratic Party betrayed him for corporate silver.

Now it’s just a clown show. With dangerous, incompetent, corrupt, and even malicious clowns.