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Oh. my my my my – really – I think I’ve burst blood vessels in my eyes or something from all the laughing. Nothing, I mean NOTHING in this whole LSD-nightmare political clown college that has been going-on for the past year comes close to Mrs. Trump’s speech for sheer snarkey enjoyment.

From the craftily-embedded Rick Astley lyrics to the deliciously evil word-for-word transcription of Michelle Obama’s previous convention speech, I knew about half-way through that I was witnessing pwnage on a level I can’t comprehend.

Someone just won the Big Troll contest because the only thing I can figure is the teleprompter was hacked and she’s doing her model job and just reading whatever is put up in front of her. I was transported upon waves of Far Left bliss as I watched some crack-master in a Guy Fawkes mask literally pull the puppet’s strings without its knowledge. At some point we’re going to hear about how this was done from the convention floor using an iPhone – bank on it.