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“He’ll just print more paper”

Paper is made from trees by reducing the wood fibers to a slurry that is then pressed into thin sheets and trimmed and then rolled onto spindles until the roll is about the size of a refrigerator. And as a final sort of insult to the poor tree-beings used to make the giant roll of paper, it is wrapped in yet more paper: packaged within its forest neighbors’ skin.

If you mean he’ll print money of course he will. All governments under all presidents have printed money on the aforementioned slurried-and-pressed children of Gaia – it’s one of the government’s jobs. Where do you think money comes from? Do you think they just printed-up a batch back in 1922 or whenever and that’s all the money there is and that’s what makes it valuable?

Probably what you are trying to say is Mr. Sanders will degrade the value of currency by allowing revenue to lag behind expenditure, especially in the import/export markets? We’ve been doing that since 2002.

Or perhaps you think Mr. Sanders will convert the U.S. to a socialist fortress, maybe with a wall along the border to keep us all in? Like he’ll just order the U.S. Army to invade Texas so we can give it back to Mexico or something, and the mindless drones who actually run things will just hop to it and click their heels together?

Maybe what Mr. Sanders has is a pretty good tax plan because it seems fair and most of all simple. Maybe by increasing revenue by ending the corporate tax vacation U.S. companies have been taking for years now by renting office space in Luxemburg and calling it their “headquarters” Mr. Sanders will find the money needed to make education affordable again (like it was back when this country was “great” and educated the generation that sent people to the Moon and back).