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Here is a link to Christian activist site Liberty News, regarding a story about a gay Texas judge who is “refusing to marry heterosexual couples”. Please read it if you can stomach it.

She isn’t refusing to marry only heterosexuals – she isn’t marrying anyone as a protest against the state’s marriage inequality laws.

Liberty News is an interesting Christian propaganda website – they buried her actual statement in three layers of links so they could promote the idea that she was discriminating against heterosexuals, when in reality she is protesting inequality by refusing to marry anyone.

A judge is different than a clerk – she’s there to judge court cases. Marrying people is a sideline power they have the way ships’ captains do. And as she says, most of the couples that come to her are in a hurry to get married because the woman is pregnant. She refers them to another judge.

This is in no way the same as the Kentucky clerk who will only issue marriage licenses to heterosexual couples. This judge isn’t marrying anyone, and she has that right of refusal as a judge – not because of some fantasy religious reasoning.

This is a problem with Christian activism: it is often duplicitous and outright dishonest. But what can you expect from people who believe in fantasy super-beings who control their lives with magical powers? “Faith” is an excuse for discrimination and hate. And a handy dodge for taking responsibility for that hate, because hating certain people is “God’s will”.