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The economy Reagan “inherited” was actually fairly healthy, with only oil prices being a real problem. And he managed to increase the deficit to an extent never before seen in history. That’s really the only economic influence a president has: do they control spending when things are tight, and do they use it when appropriate to bolster an already healthy economy.

Clinton got lucky in many ways, presiding over the initial Internet boom – although we were lucky to have an administration that could understand how important that was. Also Clinton managed to keep his military adventures to a minimum – always good for the economy.

Bush took all that gain made under Clinton and threw it away during the hysteria after the 2001 terror attacks, and used it as an excuse for his cronies to rape and pillage at will.

Obama has done a decent job considering how obstructionist the GOP ideologues in Congress have been. He made some initial missteps in copying Bush’s money giveaways to corporations, and of course he allowed the conservatives to gut any meaningful health care reform from Obamacare. But the guy had to negotiate the race minefield, what with being vilified as the Anti-Christ and Hitler by the unbearable racist minions of the far right.