The Democrats’ strategy might be to throw so much stuff at congress that they disagree with, that in 2016 the Democratic candidates will have a laundry list of failure to trot out. If they can get registered Democrats to actually go out and vote then the GOP can’t win.

And we’re going to see a lot more “ethnic pandering” over the next two years. This is something the Republicans just aren’t good at because their “desire” to achieve racial equality is so blatantly insincere.

It will be interesting to see if same-sex marriage (the softer term for gay rights so the reactionary folks don’t get riled) is an issue during the campaigning: it’s accepted in so many states now that the conservatives look like neanderthal fools to fight against it. The real issue is this is one of those dilemmas that are seen as chipping-away at mainstream acceptance of religious orthodoxy, and loss of authority by organized religion. Even if I wasn’t in favor of same-sex marriage I’m definitely in favor of anything that dilutes the toxic effects of religion. So chip-away, folks.

Organized religion’s influence is subtle but effective. Example: textbook publishers fear them because local school boards are dominated by them. Thus education in America at the elementary and high school levels is substandard and so are the minds of our young people. Even if the student has no direct contact with organized religion, they have vetted the “knowledge” dispensed in the classroom and taken as fact by the teacher, who doesn’t want to lose their job by teaching actual facts.

It’s just one more battle to be fought in the struggle against the censoring of the American mind. Great steps have been taken to widen our view of what life is. The gay-rights issue is just one of many that chip-away at the stone of malignant orthodoxy. And it is being done at the grassroots level – very few mainstream politicians have done a thing. Obama dodged the issue until his wacky Vice-President blabbed in an interview that he knew the President was a supporter.

Let’s see if the Congress That Does Nothing can keep doing nothing, as the Democrats inundate them with legislation on issues they know the GOP can’t support because of the religious baggage that ties them so firmly to the past.