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The majority of cops seem to be the Good Guys – otherwise I think we would see even more horror stories than we do.

I don’t think racial profiling (and just plain old-fashioned racism) can be ignored here. The people being killed are predominantly black, and the people doing the killing are seemingly all white.

But another issue is the distancing of the police from the citizenry they protect. “Militarization” reinforces this. Policies must be changed so that every non-cop isn’t seen as a threat.

These days you get the feeling the police are more interested in protecting themselves and their position of authority than they are interested in protecting us.

And I’d still like to see a study of how many cops involved in these killings and other acts of brutality are using steroids. Because a lot of cops do, and steroid use has been definitely tied to violent behavior.

I guess what I’m saying is answers tend to be more complicated than we think – there could be many sources of this problem.