Here’s the question:

Good Old Days

Here’s the answer:

There was no public health system and people died from eating contaminated food sold by unscrupulous companies. There were no actual public schools with unified standards – some communities had no schools at all. Children were used as labor in factories. The number of indigent poor far outnumbered the middle class.

Health care was for the wealthy – everyone else had a death rate ten times the current rate. There was no unemployment insurance system. Women could not vote. Non-whites were routinely denied their rights in an institutionalized system of racism. Companies could legally hire thugs to kill striking workers.

Members of certain political parties were routinely imprisoned and deported (even when born here). The political and judicial systems were actually more corrupt than today

The only weapon of mass destruction was poison gas, and they weren’t very good at using it. The steam train and coal-burning ship were the fastest modes of transport. Our ocean borders were our best defense. It took over a year to create an army to send to Europe in 1917. There were no terrorists with nukes in suitcases. There were no missiles and rockets.

The government we developed was developed out of the need to become a civilized society that delivered on the promise of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” for everyone, not just white men who owned property.

The “Good Old Days” weren’t.