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In the 1930s the government backed huge infrastructure projects to get people working and inject capital into the economy at the individual person and business level, instead of at the financial sector level as it’s being done now.

Of course at the time right-wingers called it “socialism” and branded FDR a communist, but that just proves the right-wingers are shrill alarmists who see everything in terms of politics.

Controversy has surrounded the role of the federal government in inter- and intra-state infrastructure since the canal and road building “American System” in Madison’s day. But the fact is without the input of federal capital there wouldn’t be any infrastructure and we’d still be driving on dirt roads and pumping water from wells. The states are historically unwilling or unable to spend the money needed.

Because Congress is choked by obstructionism on the part of any party that doesn’t hold the White House, the national transportation, water, and electrical infrastructure has been rotting for thirty years. And it will continue to decay as long as Democrats and Republicans monopolize power.

The two-party system doesn’t work. If you want our national and local problems to be solved then you must show the reigning two parties they are disposable.

Elect third-party candidates because they have a political interest in solving the problems the reigning two parties can’t!