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Someone just called me an idiot because I wasn’t interested in their citation of a 30-year-old study that said criminals in prison think armed citizens are a deterrent to crime. Statistics are a great way to prolong an argument and avoid the actual issue: people are killing other people during psychotic episodes using powerful weapons such as the semi-automatic assault rifle used at Sandy Hook.

1: We need to do more to identify such high-risk individuals and treat them or isolate them so they pose no threat. We used to so this via state mental health departments, but those were jettisoned in the 1970s and 1980s by politicians who thought the state had no business taking care of people.

2: We need to eliminate from our society the presence of weapons that are only designed to efficiently kill people. If they aren’t there they can’t be used. Even a brain-dead ideologue like Wayne LaPierre would admit that if it were possible for him to imagine a society where such weapons weren’t easily available, which he of course can’t.

I’m sick of quoted statistics and whining about “rights” – you can drive 110 mph on city streets, but you don’t because a) it would be stupid, and b) there are laws against it. You have no right to do so, you only have the right to use the roads to get from point A to point B in a responsible manner. Certain types of vehicles are outlawed because they are not safe. Certain types of guns can be outlawed for the very same reasons. Certain drivers are recognized as not being safe – they are removed from the roadways by legally isolating them by revoking their driving privileges.

I’m not listening to the “I want my guns” whining crap any longer. 20 little kids were assassinated in a few minutes because one crazy person had an assault rifle. My solution to this problem is let’s spend some money to deal with the crazy people, and let’s get rid of assault weapons.

No other solutions are acceptable.