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Why did fewer people vote for Barack Obama in the last election than voted for him in 2008, and if people are dissatisfied with him, why did Mitt Romney lose?

The first answer is Obama isn’t a very good president – he takes half-measures and doesn’t follow through on anything, and he has surrounded himself with mediocre people who have no clue how to get things done: Eric Holder is probably the prime example.

But the answer as to why Romney lost is the Republicans have failed to put anyone forward who is a better alternative to Obama. One thing Obama isn’t is stupid – he’s a consummate politician who knows how to survive and even thrive in adverse conditions. Compared to the field of Republican mouth breathers that ran for president he resembles Einstein.

Michelle Bachman: obviously batshit crazy.

Rick Santorum: religious fanatic – can’t come up with any solutions that don’t somehow involve his “faith”.

Rick Perry: yet another in the current line of unintelligent Texas governors

Newt Gingrich: corrupt political retread who spouts “family values” as he trades-in wives every decade – an obvious hypocrite.

Ron Paul: A Libertarian extremist whose simplistic solutions to pressing problems are transparently vapid.

Mitt Romney: plastic soulless salesman who says anything if he thinks it will play well in the polls, yet who has no idea what will actually play well. Also an obvious moderate in conservative disguise who didn’t have the full backing of his party – he was just the best compromise among a crowd of losers.

Republicans have steadily lost ground as they have embraced the Tea Party hysteria and failed to recognize that the American social constituency has changed to the point where empty patriotic posturing and outdated conservative values will no longer gain a following. As long as the Republican party associates itself with racist extremists like the Tea Party and hysterical misogynists like Rush Limbaugh and Todd Akins they will continue to lose ground.

Because they value ideology over ability Republicans are on their way to the garbage dump of political history. As long as they put forth candidates who are racist, sexist, and religious extremists, or simply brainless, there is no hope for their party and they will continue to be marginalized.

What lesson did Republicans take away from their latest election defeat? Was it that their message and their ideals aren’t relevant to 21st century society? No – it was that they just aren’t conservative enough! They think if only Mitt Romney had been a true conservative he would have won. This makes no sense, as Romney is a moderate Republican and Obama is a moderate Democrat. Obviously people voted for the less conservative option among two moderates!

Learn from history: the history of conservatism in this country is one of ever-more movement toward the center to attract voters. It happened to the early Federalists. It happened to the pre-Civil War Whigs. It happened under Teddy Roosevelt. It happened under Eisenhower. Even Reagan had to moderate his policies to survive. But since Reagan the party has only offered-up brainless lock-step ideologues who have sunk them to the low position they are in now, hanging-on to a majority in one half of the Congress that will slip away if Republicans don’t learn to compromise and stop being obstructionists.

If the current fiscal impasse isn’t addressed and we go over the scary “fiscal cliff”, independents aren’t going to blame the Democrats who offer cuts and tax increases combined – they will blame Republicans who refuse to do both even though their wealthy constituency says tax increases aren’t a problem. Inflexible, blind, and socially irrelevant ideology is killing the Republican party and makes their policies dangerous to the rest of the country as they flail about in the throes of political death.

I just read “Team of Rivals” about Lincoln, his cabinet, and the early Republican party. That party was respectable because it was progressive, relevant, and effective. It’s sad what a tired old political zombie that party has become.