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This was a response to a thread post, but I think it sums up the current political situation nicely if you aren’t a right-winger.

Original poster’s “charges” against Obama:

American economy goes down the toilet,
Libyan Ambassador + 3 others are killed
We give Egypt $450B
unemployment 8+% for 4 years,


The American economy was in the toilet when Obama got there, so you are blaming him for not fixing something his predecessor couldn’t fix – maybe no one can fix it. I don’t understand why people think the president or even the congress have any “control” of the economy. In fact, that very type of control is the kind of socialism everyone is always screaming about.

He didn’t kill the Libyan ambassador. The Libyan post was unstable and dangerous because there is really no effective government there for us to have relations with. Diplomatic personnel have been targeted by extremists and assassins in the past (the 19th and early 20th centuries were hip-deep in them). What Obama is mainly guilty of there is not jumping on the bandwagon and calling it terrorism from the get-go. But then again, what if the bandwagon was full of idiots as it often is, and it wasn’t terrorism? The world media was saying it was a spontaneous uprising against a movie trailer on YouTube, if you recall – and everyone bought that at first.

We’ve been giving Egypt billions for decades to buy their neutrality toward Israel. We still are. I never thought this was a good idea – Israel should watch its own back, and we can help them there, but we shouldn’t be buying-off their enemies. Again, Obama didn’t start this, and there is a huge lobby running around congress that supports it. Obama isn’t the entire government: why didn’t the Republicans who destroy control congress stop the payments?

Unemployment was in double digits five or six years ago. Why not blame him for that, too. Again look at the first point: why do people who insist government should get out of the economy’s way also blame government for not fixing it?

Is Obama a huge disappointment to those who voted for him? Yes. I voted Democrat for the first time since Carter, and when he caved-in to the conservatives and let them gut health care reform I wanted my vote back. He seems gutless in the face of the opposition as he tries to steer a “middle course” hoping for compromise that the fanatic right wing will never give him because they fear a vocal, racist, and potentially fascist minority in the screaming Tea Party. Fortunately those nut cases seem to be fading away.

So we come down to the usual choice: Obama or Romney. Romney is a completely insincere plastic money whore who will “Schwarzenegger” Washington. He’s a moderate trying to masquerade as a conservative who is only interested in his pockets and those of his friends. It is a sign of the impotence and desperation of the conservative right that they are supporting him, but they had little choice considering the cast of clowns they had to choose from.

I’ll be voting American socialist or communist parties, maybe Green. I’m back to supporting the far left and the third party agenda: DEATH TO THE TWO PARTY SYSTEM!