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Here is a link to the findings of the grand jury that heard testimony in the Jerry Sandusky molestation case. Please remember that findings are not evidence – they are an indication that a crime has been committed after investigation by police and/or the district attorney. Based on these findings charges were brought against Sandusky for molestation of at least 8 minors, and against two members of the Penn State administration: Penn State Athletic Director Tim Curley, and Penn State Senior Vice President of Finance and Business Gary Schultz.

Curley and Schultz were charged under Pennsylvania’s mandatory reporting statute for suspected child abuse. This statute states that when a report of abuse has been made it is the responsibility of the “person in charge of the school or institution” to make a report to the State Department of Public Welfare. The grand jury found that Curley and Schultz made “materially false” statements under oath.

Strangely there seems to be no legal provision for anyone to have notified police. And the cited statute seems to indicate that both Joe Paterno and Mike McQueary discharged their legal obligations fully in informing the administrators of the incident of sexual abuse McQueary says he witnessed. This could give Paterno legal grounds for filing suit against the Penn State trustees who fired him. Apparently the grand jury did not find Penn State President Graham Spanier at fault, although the trustees did and fired him as well.

Here is the link to CNN that loads the .pdf document of the grand jury’s findings. WARNING: the testimony in this report is very graphic. However, if you truly want to be informed as to exactly what has led to the situation at Penn State, this is currently the only valid source of information. Everything else is just media speculation and hearsay. In particular the latest evolutions in Mike McQueary’s story are not reflected in the grand jury document.