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The “economy” is misused as a noun. “Economy” should more accurately be used as a verb.

Q: “Dude, what are you doing?”
A: “I’m economing”

Therefore it is impossible to “wreck” it, since it’s an activity. Even screwed-up it goes on. So the real question is, are you willing to be inactive? Apparently a lot of people are – they are sitting-out a difficult stretch of the ongoing process. This is how Wall Street works: depending on the prevailing level of paranoia more or less people are actively “economing”.

Nothing any bunch of protestors does will actually change it, one way or the other. If there is any effect it will be increased paranoia – but the protestors aren’t responsible for that – it’s Wall Street’s reaction, and it’s up to Wall Street to decide to react negatively or positively. The protests can be seen from multiple angles.

Instead of being afraid of (apparently) everything, maybe those who are sitting-out the bad stretch should get busy “economing” and turn things around. In the end only the business people control how business is. Maybe they should convince each other they have nothing to fear from each other, that they can work together to fix things and turn the process around. Ultimately it’s all about fear.

Well, about that and a bazillion dollars in bad loans that never should have been made. I worked in the mortgage industry in the 1990s (in IT), when the “screw their credit rating give them money” attitude blossomed. Everyone knew exactly what was going on, from the CEOs down to the people answering the phones. But as long as it paid-off short-term no one cared what the consequences were.

That attitude still prevails in business – that’s considered good “economing”. And that’s why nothing those protestors do will change anything. If they get too far out of line our corporate masters will move-in and bust their heads.