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This is a post in a CNN forum from a story about a French academician’s thesis that the Smurfs are a crypto-Nazi metaphor. Yes, that’s really stupid, but it lead to some heated debate as to what fascism actually is.

CA_Bill is trying to make a linkage between fascism and the U.S. Democrat party. My reply is a short lesson in history that clears-up his misapprehension of the use of the word “socialist” in the name of the Nazi party – which was originally called the National Socialist Workers Party (in one version of the English translation).

POST by CA_Bill

Fascist = Nazi = National Socialist Party = Socialists = Slave Owners = Confederacy = Democrats

To be fair, Fascism was first created by socialists who wanted total control (Totalitarianism) to implement their social changes for the working class by attacking groups of people such as the wealthy class or races, and only later leaned towards the right.

REPLY by yours truly

You’re talking about a specific political group of German nationalists – the Nazis – whose party began as a small group of people, some of whom claimed to be socialists. The party was very soon commandeered by admirers of Mussolini’s fascist movement in Italy. Adolph Hitler first became associated with them as an agent of the German army, who were looking into such groups to determine if they were a threat, or if they could be turned into recruiting mechanisms for the unofficial paramilitary groups that were forming in Germany after the First World War. Hitler finally left the army and became a full-time member of the Nazi leadership. The word “socialist” in the party name was purely a remnant of those original founders, who were ultimately purged by the fascists. This is the only historical linkage between fascism and socialism – the two ideologies have nothing to do with each other.

Here are some links to books on this subject. If history can actually teach us any lessons, the lesson of fascism’s horrendous consequences for humanity should be learned by everyone.

The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich by William Shirer

The Coming Of The Third Reich by Richard J. Evans

Fascism: A Very Short Introduction by Kevin Passmore