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During the campaign season I was so stultified and brain-numbed by the impossibly childish rhetoric from all sides that I was unable to write. I just sat drinking Hawaiian Punch and eating tacos for over a month, wondering where it had all gone so wrong.

The Democrats lost the House of Representatives, as they deserved to for not using their majority to good effect, and for being such a bunch of politically correct pantywaists. They just held on to the Senate, which they don’t deserve because of their timidity and weakness.

The States leaned right for new governors. Except in California where we elected Jerry Brown into his old job because the alternative was to auction the state off to the highest bidder.

A handful of scruffy Tea Party clowns actually got elected to the Senate and House and some gubernatorial seats. They are now raving about how they control the world and are going to change everything. Just wait until you hit Washington, kids. You will learn you are no one, and the mainstream Republican party will absorb you: resistance is futile.

Of course the new Republican majority has an agenda all set to go. It involves spending the next two years undoing everything done in the last two years. This will send us all back in time to 2008, where they hope McCain will win this time, and it will be as if there had never been a socialist non-citizen black man in The White House. They also want to add to that name: “The White Male House”. They want to send Sarah Palin back to shitting in the woods where mama grizzlies belong.

I think my mailman is now a Republican – he no longer delivers packages to the house. I have to go get them. He’s repealed “Obamamail”. I have a few more tacos to finish off, and I’ll write again as the effect of such an incredibly childish and ultra-negative campaign season wears off.