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One of the basic tricks of the advertising trade is “re-branding”: putting the same old stuff in a new box and slapping a new name on it. It works, and we are seeing how well it works in the “Tea Party” victories in the Delaware and New York primary races.

The re-branding effort here is to fool Republicans into thinking they are electing “new” people who will carry a hard-line conservative agenda to Washington. The Republicans are all about cool names lately: They have the Tea Party candidates to chase out the “RINO”s, those “Republicans In Name Only” who are moving to the center in an attempt to win elections – real elections, against Democrats. The Republican party is trying to purge itself, and Tea Party conservatism is the laxative they have chosen.

The Far-Right are convincedĀ that Libertarians and Independents will join them in taking America back to a simpler time, like the Jurassic Period. They seem to take for granted that all registered Republicans will vote for Republican candidates no matter how regressive they may be. All because they have put the same old crap in a new box.

The Tea Party represents that minority of delusional political lemmings who think Barack Obama is a socialist muslim who wasn’t born in the United States. Some of their candidates (who didn’t win) proudly ran campaign ads showing them firing automatic weapons – we couldn’t see the targets but I’d bet they were black silhouettes of young men running with large television sets in their hands. They like to display images of President Obama painted like a clown – I can only imagine to make him look more like themselves. These are people who would rather you have cancer than stem cell research, and who would prefer that young women die rather than have access to legal abortion.

So, will Libertarians and Independents and moderate Republicans back the regressive right? It depends on how susceptible they are to advertising. The question is will they fail to recognize the same tired regressive posturing because of the new package? Will they buy crap because someone says it’s gold?