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It’s all over except for the continuing shouting. Health care “reform” is now the law of the land. Republicans threw every parliamentary obstacle at the bill they could, and Democrats used every trick in the book to get around, under, or over them. A last-minute senate filibuster was avoided when the Democrats passed a separate “fixes bill” in the House under the mysterious “reconciliation rules”. Obama signed whatever was on the desk in front of him.

As I write this, lawsuits are being filed to use the courts to pervert the democratic process. Gun-toting Tea Party racists are wandering back-and-forth across the country like a lynch mob with nowhere to go. Senators and representatives are going home for the Spring recess to convince voters that whatever they did or didn’t do was the Right Thing. President Obama is taking the opportunity to mis-use his recess appointment power to push through blocked appointments (as presidents have now been doing for decades). The news media are back to picking apart celebrity sex lives.

All is right here in the Land of The Free (to act like idiots). The nut cases on the right are waiting for a red tide of communism to now sweep over the nation because the poor might now be able to afford health care. The crazy folks on the left are trying to believe that all this is vindication of the Obama administration that dispels the serious suspicion they may have elected a weak president.

The economy is slightly improved. The war on terror is going slightly better. Americans are slightly less reviled by the rest of the planet. The weather is still screwed-up.

The next hugely polarizing issue is looming on the horizon: the demise of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. Obama is about to go from being called a Communist Hitler to being a Godless Sodomite. The tensions that are tearing the country apart are about to ramp-up from “Crazed” to “Insane”. At some point you can expect Glenn Beck to cry.