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At a recent Republican National Committee conference in Hawaii many high-ranking Republicans stated that health care reform is a form of socialism, even going so far as to state the people of Hawaii were against it just as Americans everywhere are.

Some were a bit surprised to learn that Hawaii has free state-funded health care for all its citizens. They were quick to point out that this Hawaiian “experiment” is doomed to failure, and would prove that state-funded health care is doomed to failure.

Hawaii has had state-funded health care for over forty years.

Recently Rush Limbaugh was admitted to a hospital in Hawaii with chest pains that fortunately were not life threatening. On being released from the hospital Limbaugh praised the Hawaiian health care community as “First-rate”.

Hawaiians have consistently rated their health care system as excellent, and even Hawaiian conservatives support the system.

All of which just proves that a) if state-funded health care is “socialism” then “socialism” seems to be working in Hawaii (and Canada, and Britain, and most of Europe, etc.); b) Republicans often say things they don’t know to be true, from which comes the term “truthyness”: things that sound true because someone says them as if they were, without really knowing they are, and generally without really caring.

Another “first-rate” performance by the always well-informed Republican leadership.