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Kind of weird, isn’t it? Even stranger is the timing – February. Here in California it hasn’t been particularly cold this winter, and we didn’t get much rain until late January. The normal historic pattern is rain as early as October, and freezing temperatures at night by mid-to-late November.

But history isn’t holding-up any more. The patterns are changing, and the change has been observed over the course of a single lifetime. This is “Global Climate Change”. Right here in our faces in North America.

Word is the joke going around the Winter Olympics is they should have held them in Washington D.C., where there’s about 18-feet of evidence for climate change. That won’t shake those legislators who refuse to deal with the climate change crisis – because after all it’s COLD in D.C. – not warm. So where’s this “global warming” stuff?

At the poles. In the seas. In Vancouver, British Columbia and here in Northern California. That’s why it’s snowing in Atlanta, Georgia and Memphis , Tennessee. And that’s why winter is now the shortest season of the year in North America. And summer has become the longest.

Estimates are that over 150,000 jobs have been lost to the blizzards in the Eastern U.S.. That’s bad for the economy. Will THAT wake up the people who deny human-caused climate change exists? No – because for them this is a political issue, not a science issue. As long as “the Other Side” is in power and as long as “the Other Side” says climate change exists, the politically motivated types will deny it. Right up until they are standing neck-deep in sea water. And right up until snow is just a dim memory.