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I try not to write any “filler” posts just to get something up here, and while there’s plenty going on it isn’t the kind of stuff one can be glib about: for example the earthquake in Haiti  is something blogs like this should stay away from until it becomes history. Right now we just have to hope it gets turned around and survivors stay survivors.

U.S. politics is fairly quiet after the health care rumble, and the Harry Reid “blackness” scandalette seems hardly worth going into (oh, no, Harry Reid said something stupid regarding Obama’s skin tone and diction during the 2008 campaign – who didn’t?) 

Since the BBC has cut the rest of the world off from the actual U.K. broadcasts (some kind of “rights” issue, they say) it’s been hard to follow the U.K. scene – something that has interested me since the late 1990s when we started getting BBC shows on the Internet (those were the days – mad cow disease! Anthrax! Cabinet Ministers punching people out in the streets! That shiny round thing called William Hague! You Brits have all the fun).

There is the Jay/Conan thing, of little or no interest since actual broadcast media is as dead as print.

Probably the most interesting stuff now is the lawsuit in California to overturn Proposition 8, the same-sex marriage ban bankrolled by the Mormon Church (who, let us all recall, seems to have much less of a problem with heterosexual child molestation). But we won’t have any real details to comment on there for a few weeks.

So I guess I do write these dumb filler posts, after all.