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BARNES AND NOBLE NOOK – The first Nook ereaders are arriving on customer doorsteps, and people seem as excited as…well, as kids at Christmas. The first reviews, however, are less than stellar. Engadget says the machine is sluggish and difficult to navigate; IReaderReview gives Kindle the clear edge over Nook on overall features. B&N apparently has plans for a firmware update to address some of the issues.


SENATE HEALTH CARE REFORM BILL – The full Senate will be voting on health care reform on Thursday, but we should expect a lot of coal in our stockings on this one, as special interests and deal-making have gutted the bill, and it now offers little in the way of “reform”. Senators Joseph Lieberman and Ben Nelson both sold their votes to the highest bidders – the Democrats at the cost of any real changes to the health care system. So the Democrats and President Obama score points for getting the bill to the floor a day before Christmas, while the Republicans reap the rewards of accomplishing their goal of stopping reform. Confused? Try reading the massive text of the bill – how it can go on for thousands of pages and yet accomplish nothing is a very confusing mystery.


COPENHAGEN CLIMATE SUMMIT – Mission accomplished: President Obama got to hold a press conference and tell the world there was hope of progress toward an understanding of a review of the possibility of an agreement on talking some more. Nothing on attacking the climate change crisis, though.


We’ll be back in 2010. Keep your hopes up – it’s very unlikely things can get any worse in the new year.