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Global climate change deniers got their Christmas wish the other day when revelations about mis-representation of global temperature data by the University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit were revealed. Based on this single incident (brought to light by a computer hacker), the nay-sayers are claiming proof that global climate change is a hoax perpetrated by evil scientists to harm good, humanity-loving industrialists.

Politicians are announcing the global warming question is now moot; the tabloid-tv propagandists are “making” news by calling for President Barack Obama to miss the upcoming Copenhagen climate treaty talks, and then reporting that “some people” are calling for Obama to miss the climate talks. The circularity of their reporting is truly amusing to watch, and also disgusting. Fox News has proclaimed that Obama continues to “ignore” the Climate-gate flap, as if he were somehow obligated to comment on news stories. Why hasn’t he said anything about the guilty verdict in the Amanda Knox case? Or the Tiger Woods scandal? Perhaps because he’s the President of the United States, and it’s not his job.

When it all calms down the fury over the UEA CRU scandal will subside and some reasoned perspective applied to it: some researchers at one institution tweaked some temperature data (they didn’t invent or falsify anything) to make it appear as if temperatures have risen in an unbroken sequence, whereas the correct data shows temperatures have actually fallen to a small extent in the past several years. These scientists are definitely guilty of creating propaganda to support the global climate change argument.

But that’s a long way from any kind of proof of a vast conspiracy to push climate change on an unsuspecting world for…well, whatever reasons someone would do that. It’s obvious what the carbon-creators have to protect: profits. If zeal is a crime, the involved researchers at the UEA CRU are guilty. Far more serious are the reports that the original raw data has been destroyed, although it is not yet known if that was part of a cover-up attempt (see update below – the data hasn’t actually been lost).

Meanwhile we do have all those other research efforts around the world that point inescapably to the conclusion that global climate change is real, that it is caused by human activity, and that the main component of the eco-system it threatens is us, human beings. Because as the prophet George Carlin once said, the claim that environmentalists are trying to “save the Earth” is ridiculous – the Earth doesn’t care, and it will just morph to a new environment that includes carbon emissions and plastic bags and water bottles and acid rain – it’s all those people who will die that we should try to save.

UPDATE: It turns-out the raw temperature data hasn’t been lost. The UEA CRU dataset was an amalgamation of data from various different global sources, and those individual datasets are still available. The UK Met office has already released its portion to the public.