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Ordinarily Rush Limbaugh is far below the radar here at The Recent Future, just because he’s such an obvious self-aggrandizing publicity whore. But he has now reached a new level of asinine controversy creation, topping his previous gaffe when he accused Michael J. Fox of “exaggerating” his illness during an appearance before congress to promote stem cell research. What’s Limbaugh up to now? He is accusing President Barack Obama of using the arrival of Afghan war dead as a photo opportunity. Why? Because when Obama saluted arriving caskets at Dover AFB recently, someone took a picture – like there aren’t people taking pictures of the guy 24/7 anyway.

I hate to make those “yeah but you guys…” comparisons, but when President George W. Bush did  his duty to acknowledge the casualties of his policies, that was “patriotism”. For some reason when Obama does his duty to the people killed under his watch, it’s a lame PR stunt. As usual Limbaugh fits the facts to his desired conclusion – either that or he’s hitting the pain killers again.

No one can ever be surprised when Rush Limbaugh opens his mouth and crap dribbles out – that’s a daily occurence, but you’d think the President pretty-much doing his job wouldn’t be cause for a partisan attack. But for Obama, a black Democrat, everything he does is an excuse for an attack. Why? Simply put, the Republicans have no real issues or valid alternatives to talk about. The economy actually is improving, very very slowly, under the Obama administration. The Republicans can’t really talk about health care because they know it will pass and they know they will have to let it pass, so that’s a blind alley for them. They can’t talk about things like incompetence and corruption, because that might expose their share of same. They can’t offer any foreign policy initiatives because that might mean talking to foreigners, and Republicans don’t like foreigners. They have nothing except Barack Obama’s black Democrat face, staring at them every day, reminding them how the world was but is no longer: dominated by fat old white men like Rush Limbaugh.

It’s pathetic, really, or it would be if the Democrats weren’t just as bad! Here they are in charge of just about the whole damned world, and what are they doing? The same thing they always do: squabbling amongst themselves. They can’t agree on any approach to any issue that lies before them, because they each have their own little special interest constituency to cater to. It’s easy for Republicans to agree with each other, because they are only interested in one thing: making the world as much like it was under Reagan as possible. They are the party of the past. Unfortunately the Democrats are only the party of the next ten minutes.