US Says Assad Used Sarin Based On Speculation

It is unknown whether the samples analyzed by the US are the same as those smuggled by the activists through Turkey.

….or even if such samples actually ever existed, and to be honest there are just ‘way too many holes in this story for anything about it to be considered a fact – yet.

But look at this face! Is this the face of a dictator who has murdered thousands of his country’s citizens…well, yeah, actually it is. It’s exactly the face of that. And no one would be surprised if he did use chemical weapons on anyone anywhere. Assad is one of the remnants of 20th century authoritarianism that needs to be stamped out.

Assad strikes the prototypical pose of all really serious 20th century despotic throwbacks.

On the other hand, can you believe anything you see in the news media? They will literally report anything anyone tells them in the race to be first to tell everyone about it.

All we really seem to know at this point is something happened in Syria and it may or may not have involved chemical weapons and it may have been or may not have been the Assad regime that did it potentially with the aid and knowledge of the Russians.

And it’s a good place to spark a nuclear confrontation between the US and Russia what with them both having all those old nukes and what with two unscrupulous old felons running the respective governments.

Assad and Putin have had a bromance going for years.

Unfortunately for thee and me, we have no choices at the moment other than wait and see. The Old Felon in the White House has, apparently on a whim, attacked someone somewhere on the ground in Syria. Some day we may or may not find out who it was and what it accomplished, if anything.

For now, the effect of these strikes in Syria will serve their higher purpose and distracted the media (and thus everyone) from the Mueller investigation, and the porn stars with lawyers, and Comey’s pee story in his book. Instead look over here where a part of Syria is burning. That’s our fire there!

Putin is the musician here – Trump is the violin he’s playing.