Defund and Demilitarize


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I don’t want to get rid of the police. But I do want to demilitarize them, disarm them, and get them out of social issues like homelessness, drug addiction, mental health, and domestic disputes. When any of those things cross the line into actual crime, then the police are justified for getting involved. But I mean CRIME: assault, murder, etc.

Police shouldn’t carry guns with them – they should be available at stations and locked in the trunks of police cars, and anyone who uses them had better have damn good reason or face dismissal and possible charges if the COP commits a crime with one.

They don’t need automatic and semi-automatic weapons – there was a time when police were limited to .38 caliber revolvers and shotguns. They don’t need armored personnel carriers. They don’t need full body armor. And they don’t need to even TOUCH a non-violent citizen.